What phone are you using?

| My current one broke and I need suggestions on a new one. Sell me on your current phone for consideration. :)

| Xperia 10 II, it isn't flag-ship, but it is kinda nice.. before i had XZ Premium what was really awesome

| Xiaomi Mi10T, I had it for 100€ and it is exactly what I need. Miui doesn't seems that bad when you remove all the bloatware apps with ADB

| Google Pixel 3A.
Spec is so-so but it's a nice OLED screen & quality camera.
No need to pay premium pricing.

| Pinephone, it's mostly a buggy powerhungry disaster atm

| Moto G4. It still holds up and I dunno why people tell me to change it, probably because it isn't 7 inches long and doesn't have notch and shit. Idk what'll I'll get after it breaks. I might go after another G4 or G5 instead. These got really cheap.

| Pixel 4a with GrapheneOS

| >>748542
Never had a moto phone but i have heard an insane amount of compliments about their ease of repair

| Motorola g8 power lite. It's very friendly and useful even if it's the "lite" version. I wanted the full one with the same price but the store didn't have it at that time

| Pixel 4a 5g (was on sale at same price as 4a)

| If you had to get a new phone, which one would it get?

| >>748582 idk, this one just requires you to unscrew the back and you're golden. I heard that Moto G6 onwards got bitchy so keep that in mind. Blame Lenovo if anything as they have gotten rid of the old engineers

| I got a Sharp Aquos V for my sister and it's surprisingly good. It's not too expensive and the spec is pretty good for the price. It's stable, not fragile, and the perfect size to hold.

Never have any problem with it so far, but also we've only had it for a couple of months.

| >>748542 Yeah I still use my moto g5 and I'm not planning to change

| I use a Xperia Xz1 compact.

I will only change it whenever another decent small-sized (and not overpriced) phone appears, or whenever the pinephone is able to run and integrate android apps well enough

| >>748780 what do you consider small? I just went from oneplus 5t to pixel 4a, it feels nice in one hand. It's not as small as my moto g 2013 but it's probably the best "small enough" android right now

| I use the moto g7, pretty happy with it. I don't think there's much reason to go for a high end phone anymore, most all phones are fast and mid range phones tend to have more features like a headphone jack and a micro sd slot.

| >>748808
I saw that pixel 4a, but I find the price to be excessive for what it is and what I make use of a phone (I only have the xperia because I bough it directly from Malaysia at a ridiculous price)

I consider a small terminal the one I have, less than 5", anything above that is too big for my taste.

Maybe another example of these are the iPhone SE's, but their price is also a joke.

| >>748542

the original moto g was so good!!! after that had a bq (shitty local brand) and now the motorola moto g7 power. for me it's the ideal phone. good battery, and the cpu, screen and camera are crap so they probably draw less power.

but yes, i think the battery is not replaceable as the older models. but it has a nearly stock android os without mich bloat which is nice.

| Olivetti

| >>749541
wtf i thought olivetti was a gaming keyboard brand

| >>749578
Olivetti was an underestimated pioneer in home and mobile computing. Back then they were way ahead of their time and went broke. Nevertheless there were smartphones and tablets by olivetti on the market, but just like all the other fashion overloaded IT-brands (*caugh* apple *caugh*) they were nothing but standard china products.

| Samsung a51, hella space and a headphone jack is all I need

| Mi 9T Pro. MIUI fucking sucks.

| >>749655 be careful with headphone jacks though. Maybe not on Samsung, but some phones had awful headphone jack so I'm glad their manufacturers got rid of them.

| >>749701 that's Xiaomi for you. Aim for a bloatless phone next time. Something like OnePlus

| >>749709 Had OP6 before, best phone I've ever used

| >>749707 what awful headphone jacks? Are you referring to DAC/AMP portion?

| S7

| >>749707 how do u mess up a headphone jack??

| >>749814 I had a phone which made buzzing noises when I plugged it in. It was a Xiaomi

| I have a huawei, kinda fast with 2gb ram and 150 apps, including google bloatware. To get the bootloader code ppl gotta register on H's site, so yeah. Also this thing sends kbs whenever I swipe a darn notification

| Changed to an old version of lawnchair and a foss keyboard. The only issues are the app load times and keeping them in memory. Which should settle when clearing the internal storage, hopefully.

| That sounds like a pain to save a bit on a phone

| Nokia 7 Plus

| RN I have an LG V60. I liked my V20 a lot better, but those ones are old enough that I had a hard time finding a functional replacement. Unless you really like huge screens or headphone jack quality, I can't really recommend it, cause every other feature has at this point been removed...

| Right now it's the SMO81. It's pretty cool, never needed anything else

| >>749707
I rather have a bad headphone jack than none at all. I'm no big fan of wireless technology. They are unreliable, insecure and consume too much energy. In many cases analogue hardware plugs still are superior to digital and/or wireless solutions, due to their technological simplicity.

| It's also a matter of standardization. Digital signal transmission is just fucked up thanks to bad, proprietary and exclusive standardization hell. Too much bloat for wanting just a simple stereo audio connection.

| I really like wireless audio for listening when walking or working though, I lost so many cables, earphones and one phone from the cables wearing out at the plug before i got wireless headphones

| >>084c8c you know that wireless audio is analogue too, right? It has to be analogue for headphones to work

| >>750276 you know that you can use a dongle?

| There are no "dongles", its DAC

| >>750319 bluetooth sends data after being compressed to aptx or sbc (lossy) as bits (digital) to the wireless earbuds where they will have a dac to convert that to analog for the speaker

So they've got an extra layer of compression, and are only ever analog in the earbud for a very short period of time technically speaking

| Galaxy J7 refine, kinda dogshit but it was only like 120 so its fine

| >>750398 same applies to all DAC connectiond. Unless you are using external DAC, you will still have similar issues, because of resampling. Most music is in 44.1khz while most internal phone DAC operate only at 48khz

| Alcatel One Touch 20.12G

| I have an LG V60. Sometimes it's seen as an audiophile phone, because not only does it have a headphone jack, but it also features a dedicated built-in DAC. The sound is good for a smartphone. When I bought it, it was one of the few higher end phones with a headphone jack.

It's also a great allround phone. The dual screen attachment is useful sometimes, but i rarely use it.

If this interesting to you, better act fast. LG just announced they're leaving the smartphone business.

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