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| So I've got an Android and want to type in Japanese. I've set it in s I'm able to type Japanese characters but the keyboard itself is only in English. Do I have to download an external app or something to have the keyboard in Japanese as well?

| >>748013 go to language settings of android keyboard.. you can set multiple language and than prefered layouts for them

| >>748026 I think that's what I've done. Like I can swipe the space bar to switch languages but it doesn't change the keys. Just the language I am typing in. Currently it's set to qwerty but yeah. I feel like I've looked through all the settings in the keyboard. I feel like it shouldn't be to hard to do this, which is why I feel like I'm just missing something. I have a s20 BTW. So relatively new phone.

| Did you pressed long "space" button for switching keyboards?:o

| Maybe the keyboard of your phone doesn't allow it. Try Gboard instead, that's what I'm using and it can type in Japanese. こんにちは

| Using the Japanese language setting should let you type in Japanese, even when the keyboard is QWERTY. There should be a setting to use Japanese-layout keyboard too.

But if you really can't figure it out with the keyboard you have, try Gboard.

| if you want to go the open source way, mozc is avaiable for both linux and android. i use it for both normal typing and japanese stuff.

| Oh wow. I feel silly now. So I guess at least for my phone I can't use qwerty to see the characters on my keyboard but with the other modes like 3x4 it works just fine. Thank you everyone.

| Yeah, Japan also uses qwerty for some things, so the querty keyboard is normal. There should be a button somewhere on the keyboard to change to hiragana mode.

| I use the 3x4 layout. Seems common in Japan

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