Can't believe I managed to find an RTX 3090!!!1!

| Srsly gurls, it's full of dust and the caps might be blown but finding this vintage card in 207X is ridiculous!
I wonder what retro games I can play on it, even stuff from the 50s might be too hard on it.
Can't believe I only paid $80 for it, I don't think this scrapper knew how rare these are now.

| Wait, I thought the RTX 3090 was some kind of ancient money-printer.

| >tech

| Nice bottleneck lmao

| To think people used this...

| LMAO. I remember when HDMI was a thing.
Imagine if the Nvidia X99700 series were still using cables.

| >>748222 I liked cables... No interruptions

| Wait, new graphics cards connect to monitors wirelessly or something? That seems so likely to have problems

| >>748285 all computer parts are entirely wireless. you build a computer by putting the parts in a pile inside the case and doing a bunch of bluetooth pairing

| (damn this thread should've been in /cyb/, shouldn't it?)

| >>efacc5 >>748297 is this specific to some pc parts or is it an entire generation of wireles parts? Also, is there any new standard about it that other companies can or need to follow?

| Yo guys I think we found one of those wormhole communication glitches! Quick, drop stock information and any major disastrous events from around 100 years ago, people from the future!

| >>748643 Black Mesa incident, but we didn't get invaded by Combine. Just aliens are around but their population has been either wiped out or domesticated

| The world is going to be definitely fucked if they are still using bluetooth by then

| Remember when 4k was the shit? Good old times.

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