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I hacked my nintendo

| I softmodded my Wii, 3ds, and nintendo switch.
I highly recommend that others softmod their Wii and 3DS because it can't be detected and you can re-enable all the online services!

Remember the forecast channel and the news channel? Those work again!

I also patched the ds download play thingey to allow unsigned files... Hehe I can play roms from the Wii now!

Don't hack your switch if you are paying nintendo for their p2p service


| can attest that a softmodded New 2DS XL is the shit.

| Wii u hax plz?

| >>74781 https://wiiu.hacks.guide here you go.

| >>747498 thx ~<3

| Hacked consoles are like PC which makes them awesome!

| Pity the store is gone forever

| Modded 2ds is really good..

| The store is gone but you can still download all the *.cia files on the internet in various places.

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This thread is permanently archived