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| It's the best combination of things to use imo. Not a big pain in the ass to configure.

What Window Manager y'all use?

| I use cwm, a lightweight, keyboard-centric floating window manager from OpenBSD. I used to use dwm, but didn't really like how floating mode behaved and realized that I wanted a floating wm that could easily tile through a keyboard shortcut rather than a tiling wm with lukewarm floating support.

| I use Plasma and have been wondering about the krohnkite tiling extension, but it was extremely confusing (tiled/floating windows which I still don't understand, windows started to weirdly stay on top...)

What would be a good place to start learning about tiling stuff?

| Openbox causes smooth scrolling issues...

Best way to learn is to install everything and then google your problems and steal code from stackexchange

| AwesomeWM+LXDE

But I've been thinking of giving i3 a try whenver I get the energy to format my laptop.

| I use Pop-Os tiling on my work computer.

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This thread is permanently archived