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recommended DE with proper touch support?

| hey g/u/rls

do ya have any recommendations for desktop env. with touch support? currently from my limited testing gnome seems to be the only one.

kde's touch fails at multimonitor, spanning touch across all monitors as opposed to the touch monitor itself

| If you want touch, use GNOME

| >>747099
Which/distro especially version of KDE and GPU driver you use?
What graphics card you have?
For me everything runs fine with kde-neon on x64 laptop (touch display & intel gpu) and arm64 android (qualcom, via anlinux). On laptop it works even with additional (non-touch) display and extended desktop.

| >>584ff0 kde plasma, not sure which specifically since it's been a week or two since I last removed it due to space reasons.

i have an intel gpu (uhd620)

| GNOME has been the best in my experience. Others are functional, such as KDE, but as you say, there are limitations.
GNOME (on the right distro) isn't too memory intensive either--I've seen 800MB at idle in Solus GNOME. Which is obviously not great compared to a window manager, but that doesn't seem to be what you're looking for. So in that case, I fully recommend GNOME.

Source: have used a Surface Book 2 on Linux

| Have you tried bash?

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This thread is permanently archived