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Laptops out of SBC

| Good idea? Any recommendations, beyond RPI?

| Laptops usually are made out of SBCs. Laptops consisting of standardized, exchangeable and modular components unfortunately always have been the exception.

| lookup "socketed laptops" There's plenty of results although a lot of them 1-3years old or very costly

| >>746612 OK then, off the shelf SBC
>>746613 all I can find are laptops with socketable CPU,that's not what I'm looking for

| >>746585
Of course you can build a laptop out of any SBC. There already are several projects that do exactly that. The biggest challenge is that it requires some fine-mechanic handcraft skills to assemble such a thing. Especially to craft a sufficient and still flat cooling.

This combination:
>off the shelf SBC
>beyond RPI
will be associated with a small community around the project, regarding the RPIs dominance on the SBC market. But this haven't to be a disadvantage.

| Example of how to install an "Asus Tinker Board" SBC into a "Pi-top" case. Does this match what you were searching for?

| I forgot the link:

| Check out the pinebook pro, it's literally that.

| i dun get it about this whole southern baptist convention thing

| Good idea? Probably not, in honesty, unless you want to use an old laptop shell for aesthetic reasons. Like a GriD Compass, for instance.

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This thread is permanently archived