Good budget phones?

| My uncle is looking for one. Something not above 250 but also not crap.

Currently thinking of the xiaomi redmi note 9 but what do you think?

| Dunno about good but I have an Alcatel 1C Volcano and it's cheap as fuck, runs android 8 and is easily hackable. For a budget phone it's very price worthy because it's so cheap.

| Something else to consider.
It's for my uncle and he just wants something that he won't have to replace anytime soon.
He is not too into tech stuff so being hackable is not really important... but he does use internet stuff.

| I'd stay away from Xiaomi. Used to be a decent brand but not anymore

| i haven't really kept up to date with phones so sorry can't recommend anything. but the last 2 phones i got for someone ware xiomi, they will get the job done but their locked down spyware that i'd never recommend

| Nokia tough looks good

| >>738703 this ^^
If you doesn't care about privacy, maybe you can choose Xiaomi.. but personally i wouldn't take it..
I would maybe look for Sony, LG, Samsung, Asus, Nokia.. But they probably aren't synonym for budget phone, china is really trying hard for having cheap prices..

| OnePlus Nord N10 5G is extremely good for $300. It will get motorola-esque updates, but otherwise it's an amazing phone!

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