Uncensored cloud for photos?

| Hello, with changes of google photos i'm looking for some cloud service what offering large place for photos.. is here some service what can offer me around 100GB and also not filtering nudity like what for example onedrive do?

I would be happy for any suggestions.. thank you "^^

| Encrypt your photos and upload that. Can't censor random nonsense

| There's no such thing.

| 100 GB for free? i want this too :P

yep, that would be cool, but google provides unlimited photo storage ONLY with lossy compression. and encryption+lossy compression doesn't mix well. that leaves us with only 17 GB storage for regular files :(

| i mean just make 10 accounts

| Or build your own server. You could get a "real hardware" or even a raspi with an HDD. Your own server for as little as 100eur

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yes! try nextcloud at home, you can host your own file server with a pretty web interface or client apps.

| honestly i'm really bad in back uping.. and i honestly more believe in cloud than physical media in home.. in case of fire, steal or need of fast movement i can't think about if i didn't forget my photos :c

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- Google will ban you on a whim for no reason anyhow
- raid / parities are as safe if not more then cloud so if you really care about the immages just keep both

| also its not that hard to get a 200-300g raid5 vps for 40/year or a 2tb for 100/year

| Backblaze b2 is 0.5c/gb per month and download is 1c/gb

For 100gb if you didn't download is like $0.50 a month or if you download the entire thing every month $1.50 a month

This is just flat storage though no picture ui or web interface but that means you can use things like rclone and encrypt everything

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