| i like terminator the best

| my distro came with urxvt and I've never used anything else

| >>736951
good choice. even if the terminal chose you and not vice versa.

| termite, and i don't remember why

| I can't tell if op is joking or not. There's an actual terminal called Terminator? God, programmers suck at naming things.

| >>737074

| Just use dos, it's fine

| st, it's extremely satisfying knowing my terminal is small as fuck and has almost no dependencies

| i always use the one provided by the distro (currently xfce4-terminal). but some default terminals have proved to be quite yucky, like sakura on slitaz or the default unity desktop terminal

| >>737666
dope. imma try it

| i just use xfce4-term, it works fine and has cool transparency effects so i can see my wallpapers underneath

| >>737074
And good marketing strategists suck at developing good software.
I personally prefer good programs with shitty names (usually FL_OSS) over shitty (usually proprietary) programs (usually products) with popular names.

| >>736947
Which one?

| I love konsole and yakuake (quake alike F12 key pop-up terminal) from/for KDE. Also I love that other KDE Applications like the Filemanager (Dolphin) and Editor (Kate) have an integrated terminal view based on konsole. Those konsole views can even be configured to follow the active path of directories/files that are opened in the gui.

| >>738155
The python variant. Not the java variant(is that one still a thing?)

Gonna give st and dwm a go on the laptop whenever I get around to reinstalling it.

| >>738156
i liked the ctrl+shift+k shortcut in console to clear scrollback. i like to nuke the scrollback buffer, the clear command doesn't always work as expected (-x) and just puts the prompt on top of the screen. in xfce4 you can do the same with alt+t+c!

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