That echo when you call someone in the same room.

| Is it bad for your phone? Like you say hi and you both hear hi hi hi hi hi as it gets more distorted. Can this do damage to your phone?

| Apart from being bothersome it shouldn't do anything. Just like putting two mirrors on front of each other doesn't make them explode

| >>729176 but they don't distort image either

| >>729176 That would be hilarous lmao

| >>729188 Well instead you can use cameras and screen to get the same effect, but with distortion, but the idea is the same

| >>729176

g/u/rl has lied, putting two mirrors infront of each other caused a resonance cascade within my room

| >>729172 if it isn't extremely loud for long time, no.. but it's about any kind of speakers

| >>729188 not quite, most mirrors have a very slight green hue so you'd likely see the image become tinted green

| my phone exploded from that exact thing, and also my friend had mirrors explode when she tried putting them in front of each other so I avoid them altogether now

| the echo might damage your phone if the speaker is loud enough for a positive feedback loop. that's when you get loud squeaking noises.

| >>729887
yeah but i think that than only happens if you use an iir filter. iir is for losers, fir all the way!

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