Can't think of a new email address

| So I'm ditching my old gmail my main reason isn't really because of privacy, but because
>is in several database leaks
>has several neckbeards spamming it with runescape phishing links
>has my real name as the address

And I'm thinking of migrating to Protonmail for that.
One thing however.. Is that I can't think of a proper address name, and I need the help of a textboard for this. Any ideas?

| [email protected]

| [email protected]
Enjoy your new email

| @outlook

| [email protected]

| You're telling me you don't have an online alias you made up when you were 14?

| Cottonpicker69

| exilefalcon

| nikkistorm

| Wait, you guys don't use your real name as your online alias?

| [email protected]

| TheDangerousU

| Op random word generator until you get something you like, feel free to keep specific words just don't be that nerd with 7 numbers at the end

| [email protected] has been my go-to email for a few years now

| Don't just get a new email, get a new domain while you are at it. You can make easy dummy accounts with it too

| >>728835 I have a domain but I'm not too sure if I should run an email server from my house, what's the play too have a good meme account for cheap

| >>728866 I meant using something like ProtonMail with custom domain

| >>728900 I didn't realize that was a thing

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