The full dive technology on the rise!!

| With progress being made with vr day by day one can only imagine the result as such! A full dive set... we all have thought about it even us g/u/r/l/s right? Living in the fantasy you always wanted but I wonder what it will do to society.. Will there be more shut ins? Or less people having a social life. Is this full dive thing even a good idea in the first place....

| Ready player one plays with that concept alot and is a good read that I definitely recommend

| Though it's not full dive

| >>728084
>Recommending Ready Player One
For real g/u/rl?

| >>728127
It's a fun book, what of it? It's not high literature, sure, but it's entertaining and relevant to our common interests.

| >>728141

I guess if you approach it the same way some people approach trashy romance books then yeah, its fine. But honestly even compared to other series that people used to love hating (Twilight), Ready Player One was... pretty bad.

Might as well just watch the movie, which had about as much (or maybe even less) substance as the Michael Bay Transformers series.

| >>728179
Why do you think it's a bad book?

| >>727977 what about hybrid devices what would be in default showing mixing reality, but would have full dive mod? For example as headsets from SAO: Ordinal Scale

| >>728127 I feel you, g/u/rl

| Ready Player One is just... empty I guess? Never understood why people like it so much.

| About the full dive technology then. I think it the government will regulate the shit out of it. Maybe enforce it to 3 hours per day or something.

| >>728845
did you watch the movie or something?

| Virgin steady player bum vs chad snow crash

| >>728849 I watched the movie, tried to read the book, didn't find much difference, dropped the book.

| My impression was that this thing is just a compilation of pop culture references.

| >>728847 how you want regulate computer?

| >>728890 there a lot of ways to do this. The first thing that comes to mind is to have mandatory hardware limitations. For example, the device will turn off after 3 hours of playing.

| >>728971 here always will be modders and so..

| Theoretically i can buy 8 devices to switch for all-time dive..

| >>728971
Unless it features always online DRM people will get around that quickly.

| Yeah, of course there supposed to be some kind of a biological verification process. So that several people could lauch the same device multiple times AND so that the same person couldn't play on multiple devices.

| Why would they regulate it anyway? Might as well monetize it and make the most out of it.

| >>729019 our reality doesn't have a chance against artificial fantasy worlds. Heavy drugs are illegal for the same reason. What do you think your brain will choose? 10$ dose of heroin, or raising a family for 5 years?

And who would live in a fucking Indonesia when you can live in SAO?

| I apologize to any Indonesian g/u/rls reading this. This was just a silly joke, and I condemn my behaviour.

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