How do I fucking download Unity?

| I mean the game engine. Last time I was downloading it a couple of years ago, there was an .exe file which installed Unity directly. now all that I can find is this fucking UnityHub.appimage, I have no clue what the fuck .appimage is and how to open up this shit.

| i never used unity, but i know appimage is a format for linux applications! there should be a windows version somewhere!

| appimage is a garbage Linux application format, like a docker image. I can't imagine its too hard to get Unity for windows.

| You prop download the wrong one

| yay -S unity

| Why the fuck would you want unity though

| Unity Hub is the new launcher used for installing and managing versions of Unity. It's buggy as shit however.

Thankfully it isn't required to use. You can always download any version of Unity here:

| I'm no microsoft employee. If you had a proper linux distro I probably could help you with your problem.
Maybe give the official support from the products you p̶u̶r̶c̶h̶a̶s̶e̶d̶ subscribed to a try:

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