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Good QR scanner app for Android

| My Android doesn't come with a QR scanner installed. Anyone know a good non-intrusive one? Specifically, I just need one to transfer screenshots from my Switch.

| https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mauriciogior.openqrcode this one just needs camera permission, unlike the 1k+ apps that need internet and startup and location for ads and junk

| Ah... The Switch is weird apparently and the QR code gave a Wifi login which neither my browser nor that QR reader can parse...

But thanks for the app though! Good to know there are still good light open-source apps out there.

| barcode scanner+ is now opensource

| Check F-Droid, iirc there's something there

| >>726912 don't need to scan you can just join and go to the 192.168 ip it sends you to when you do scan

I've got a pixel and my camera app actually does qr codes though

| >>727294
Yeah, I just end up logging into the wifi and typing the address manually. The wifi password is randomly generated though, and it changes every time, so the process is a lot messier if you can't log in through QR.

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This thread is permanently archived