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Mechanical keyboard

| So I decided to get a new keyboard. Never tried mechanical one before. Not looking for anything fancy. Any recommendations? Also, are they easier to clean than regular ones? I admit up till now Ive been only cleaning my shitty keyboard on surface level and I hate it. Lights would be nice too because I tend to work at night and still look at what Im typing from time to time.

| Well ive only ever used one mechanical keyboard (HV-KB432) so can't really give a good recommendation but ive owned both the varients of said keyboard and I personally hated the clicky noise the blue varient makes so I'd recommend you avoid the loud switches

| The chinese switches (gateron and similiar) are actually pretty decent. So you could get one with those. Look online for a comparison of the different switch types (I like clicky stuff for example). But I'm still using the trusty IBM Model M with buckling springs, so who am I to talk? xD

| just get logitech k120

| Roccat


| I got a g710 years ago and it's still kicking

Should choose what switches you want first eg blue, red, brown then find a keyboard with those

If you have one near by microcenter has a special board with all the cherry switches on it too test which ones you like

| You can also get a keyboard where you can just pull and swap the switches but they're expensive

| I like my Skiller SGK3 with brown switches. It on the cheaper end for full size RGB mech keyboards

| Get whichever is cheap and has good reviews. First make sure which switch type you want. Reds are popular with gamers where you want to click fast or with no effort, brown are for games or typing where you want to know if you even clicked the key, blues are for typing only, but TBH browns work just as well. There are other types, but these are generic.
You are not going to kill a mechanical keyboard anyway unless it is broken from the start.

| >>725194
same exact keyboard i use. just get a quiet switch... please...

| Depends how big your budget is and what switches you're looking for. My keyboard is a Razer Blackwidow Lite. It has "orange" (pretty much Cherry MX Browns) razer switches, which is exactly what I was looking for. Find your favorite switches and look out for good reviews. Hope you find what you like!

| If you don't want to spend too much money, I can recommend you the Royal Kludge RK61. It's a 60% keyboard (but there's also the RK71) Been using the Type-C version for a few months now, never went back to my laptop keyboard.

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