Britain has officially unveiled the cyber police

| https://www.bbc.com/news/technology-55007946

| inserting more then 3 fingers into the anus is banned, you need a smelling licance, alchohol must be served in certain portions, you may only toast bread on one side, shooting scotsmen off sundays is fine, uncomplient image hosting websites are blocked, stamps must be properly aligned, carrying planks can get you in jail, what is free speach even offence is a serioes crime, naked mannequins are consideded indecent, plastic cutlery is 18+
2 of them are made up but it's hard to tell

| What is certain however the UK gov is an absolute joke

| ^^ This guy watched a Tom Scott video

| >>717408
I deffinatly did great channel, but most of that is from knowing a british guy that likes to bitch about it

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