Gunpla Battle IRL

| Imagine if the technology for making Gunpla move exists, would it change the world?

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I'd like to interject you for a moment. What you are referring to as _Gunpla_ is, in fact, Gundam/Plastic, or as I've recently taken to call it, Gundam plastic toys. Gunpla is not a franchise of giant robots onto itself, but rather another component of the merchandise, made relevant by the Gundam anime, cultural references and decades of popularity.

Gunpla is just the hobby of assembling plastic models. lurk moar.

| I would instantly put lasers and other nice things on a gundam model if it could move like with a remote control. look out battlebots there is a new kid in town and it's overpriced plastic

| >>716079 so what if we had mini mechas? We give them real weapons and they fight, like robot wars but more advanced

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No, you dont read. GunPla comes from GUNDAM PLASTIC. It's assembling plastic models of gundams. Not mini gundams. Not toys made into weapons. It's "building plastic toys".
Now, if you want them to be both toys and weapons, that's a new Toy Story movie.

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