Over ear headphone recommendation

| Hey /tech/ I'm after some headphones that are in the range of £30-£70. I've had 2 pairs of kitsound dj2's they have great sound but they break on the swivels.
Thanks in advance!

| I should add that Id prefer headphones that cover all sound frequencies well rather than focused on one end

| audiotechnica m40x supposedly well balanced and not much bass(every review anywhere claimed, i guess true when compared to some) but the bass and volume of the headphones actually hurt. after turning them down to ~12% they ware great but bass still bothered me so i got the akg240studio headphones which a lot of reviews claimed ware great but ware pretty mutch dead as far as bass goes which took a wile to get used to again but glad i did

| to sum it up:

-m40x if you're fine with a normal-slightly amped
-240studio if your afraid of bass

both of them are good quality and pretty mutch the only headphones i can recommend that i have actually tried

| If you are not into modding or even pad swap, status audio cb1

| Skullcandy Crushers

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