Google apps' design keep changing every two moons

| They just need a reason to keep their product design team on payroll do they

| >>715060 what are you talking about? It's been same for years

| >>715074 A couple weeks ago they changed icons for some apps like calendar, mail... And YouTube had some little changes too, the bell is now in the upper side, there is a big plus button wich I assume is for uploading and the like/dislike icons are slightly different.

| I don't use google apps much but I think the new designs look ugly.

| I want old calendar back and I thought the old icons were fine but I guess they wanted to use the blue red yellow green thing they've got going now so

| I miss the pre-redesign stuff, circa 2015(?). That looked decently good and it was fast too. Google's modern material flat design language sucks.

| Ah, the joy of being dependent on "software as a (web-)service" monopoly-platform trash.
Why not use proper software that is customizable to your needs instead?
To be fair to google as a provider: They still support many standard-conform protocols to use their services with independent software.

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