Wanted: New proper Notebook

| I've been wanting to get a new notebook for a while now. Problem is that modern Lenovo Think (Different) Pads have sucky specs: No ethernet, soldered on RAM and no AMD in small form factors.

My criteria are as follows:
×12,5" or 13,3"
×Proper 1G-BASET
×At least one SODIMM Slot
×Ryzen 4C/8T or more
×ThinkPad build quality

Everything else is just nice-to-haves. I don't give a flying one about TB or USB-C, I just want my copper networking interface.

| I really wish I could answer anything to that. I'm happy with my x220 memepad, and haven't checked other options this year.

First 4 of your bulletpoints are very specific (I assume by 'SODIMM' you mean 'I can switch my ramsticks at will'). You can filter for these criteria with any webshop, and then consider their build quality.

Unless /tech/ has someone who regularly browses laptops.

| Yea, thought as much. I just want something like my X250 but with a non-potato CPU. Also, why are there like literally no notebooks with 2.5GBASE-T nowadays? The chips for that have gotten cheap enough to the point that there's like basically no added cost.

Maybe I'll just grab a "reasonable enough" notebook, machine my own casing and solder a bunch of stuff to the mainboard to add Ethernet and a external battery… Seems like a lot of trouble though.

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Sounds like a lot of fun too !!

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Because "who needs fat ethernet port in their sleek fashionable laptop if there is WiFi?" approach.

| yeah, I'm in need of a notebook too, preferably wide ruled. I can't write for shit ;-;

| I remember seeing a notebook with the coolest ethernet port. The form factor of the notebook was to small to have one so the ethernet port would unfold from the laptop and become a full sized one

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yes! i've seen it but o can't recall what kind of laptop it was.

i have a amd thinkpad x395 from 2019 and it has a slim propietary ethernet port, and you need to buy a 19€ dongle to use it.

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I'm pretty sure it was Fujitsu, and it was in use for years.

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