n-o-d-e's zero terminal v3

| https://n-o-d-e.net/zeroterminal3.html
I found this yesterday and drooled for a few hours.
I tried doing something similar a year ago. He even uses the display I wanted to buy but didn't want to spend the money on. The one I got is not amoled and the backlight panel makes it a bit thicker. When I modeled a case for it I realised it just be like a thick ass pokedex. I had fun taking inspiration from the PETs from MMBN but I figured it would be too thick to be remotely practical...

| My hype died before 3D printing the case :c
The pi zero is also fairly slow, even with just a terminal and a virtual keyboard on screen the feedback was not always smooth. That's definitely something I feel I can improve on by just finding a better suited software combo
rip raspbian core + dwm + st + onboard

Well, I'm just rambling at this point but yeah... I find the project very cool

| I remember reading about that in the n-o-d-e zine a while back.


| >>714235 I didnt read the zines but they look super neat
Im gonna buy the amoled screen and try again

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