Mods u ok?

| Are you ok deleting my threads and posts although i did nothing wrong? And did you seriously delete my fokin joke in the shitpost thread about fans? Listen an imageboard isnt supposed to have censorship like in bbc at a point when you delete facts and humor ok? Or at least put a locked thread about your "rules" idk but anyway you're not helping people you're just emptying the already empty board and censoring anything that is not "get linux" or "how do i...", gj.

| OP u ok? u sound salty as heckkkkk

| Rather disappointed in that too, but also confused. Mods usually only lock threads that go too far (and I think it's pretty acceptable if that thread is locked). I think they just accidentally deleted it instead of locking it, or something.

Don't be salty, op.

Oh, and rules are here: https://boards.dangeru.us/tech/rules
Though they really should put that info in a sticky imo.

| OP is a salty salty boii get rekt

| I'm kinda with OP on this one, what the heck mods

| OP is a salty boii who doesn't even know the difference between an imageboard and a textboard

| >>713923 idk maybe your joke was just too shit. I also hate mods but they never deleted any of my threads. I mean sometimes they do, I think they have like one mod who's reddit tier

| Which thread? I haven't been on this whole week, so far i've only deleted /a/ spam.

| Unless it was someone else.

| I don't see any deleted posts under the IP you used to post this thread either...

| I think I found the thread you were talking about. The best I can gather is that if you were using a VPN to post and if that vpn was the same as one of the russian bots in /a/, it might have been caught in the wipe. Otherwise, there hasn't been a reason to do any modding on /tech/ in a long time. Sorry about that.

| >>714108 I think it was the other reddit mod. You seem alright

| >>714093 thanks for responding. I'm posting from my phone so obviously my ip changes all the time. There were 2 things deleted. The "cool windows programs to have" thread that quickly escalated into windows vs linux thread but windows won, and the day after the debate finished the thread got deleted. Second is a single post in the "electric standing fan" thread, a joke, for which i got thanked but now it thanks a 404. This is the thing that actually triggered me

| >>714667 because i could understand a linux/windows thread deleted although the debate already ended so the thread was already dead, but deleting a joke, excuse me?

| >>714108 also if it helps you im not using a vpn

| >>714667
i'm glad that bullshit got deleted

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