Mini Laundry Machine

| Folks got one a couple days ago. It's just a bucket with a spiny thing at the bottom that spins at a disappointly slow speed.

Technology is wild

| Cool, I didn't even know these existed. I started googling and now I'm thinking of purchasing an affordable one. The Insignia 1.6 Cu is starting to look pretty dope.

What's impressive is how the company responded to virtually all reviews, both good and those with issues.

Which model did you get?

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bucket with a spiny thing is how washing machines started. What looks bad is how fragile the whole thing looks. Does it work after ~10 uses?

Really, is this the mini-AC they sell you online? Small piece of borderline useless shit?

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Couldn't say what the model is. Just a generic item.

Guess ya got a point. It isn't that bad, still works. Decent for small stuff like underwear.

| Does get me curious about what a better model could do

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Yeah, I've read myself and that was aggressive. It's just that photos online look unconvincing.

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