What's a good vpn for windows?

| Please suggest free vpns. I live in Iran and can't really pay for anything

| Softether vpn + vpngate

| Why VPN if your OS is the definition of a keylogger / virus ?

| >>713762 tor

| >>713836 VPNs aren't exactly used to avoid keyloggers or viruses

| >>713836
Bruh, the dude lives in iran, what do you think he needs it for? For complaining about telemetry that can be disabled? He has a mini version of china firewall in his country so be kind to help him. Imho openvpn is a way to go although any free vpn is basically the same as they all share the same pros and cons

| Try Tails OS, iirc it leaves no trace to the machine. Still don't know it's capability and limits, but it's worth a shot.

| >>714087
The issue is not with identifying the machine OP runs, but with accessing the Internet. So Tails OS alone is not a solution - you still need to setup tor or vpn/proxy.

Tunnelbear provides a free vpn service, but limits you to a very low Internet volume. I haven't checked offers of other providers, but I guess they are similar. I expect they state their offer clearly, so you know what you'll get. Privacy is not an issue here, you just need secure connection.

| I don't know if Protonvpn works there, but if so it's reputable and has a free version

| >>714850
I would recommend ProtonVPN as well

| >>714850 OP here. I tried protonvpn on my abdroid before and it was pretty slow and unstable. Is it the same with windows?

| >>713904 i tried openvpn but I can't connect to any servers that I choose from vpngate. Is there an extra step that I have to take for this vpn?

| >>715006 Just try with others, many are buggy

| There is none, because no one can really say how windows networking works.

| >>715005
So sorry to hear that

| >>713904
How do you know where OP is from?
Also the issue with windows isn't only just about unwanted telemetry. A company that takes away freedom from people is as bad as an estate.

| >>715049
>How do you know
Read litterally the 1st thing OP poster

| Does Lantern still work?

| >>715049
LOL you will enjoy this: https://web.archive.org/web/19990831234218/http://www.angelfire.com/ab/antimsteens/msjokes.html

| NordVPN?

| >>713762 what do you even use a VPN for? Just use tor

| >>715005 I don't have windows, but it's definitely worse on my phone than my computer

| ProtonVPN! It's free and it works decently well.

| I use hide.me, free account only gets 10 gb of data per month but you can create multiple accounts. I just use it to download from sadpanda once in a while, though I guess if you want to watch videos a lot the 10gb limit will be restrictive.

| >>713762
Just use Tor.

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