Electric Standing Fan

| What's the point of the guard other than protecting stuff from hitting the blades?
Can't I just be a lazy fuck and not have those on so I don't have to clean it all the time?

| If you want to hit the blades

| Pshh, how that won't happen

| >>713299
Thanks for the chuckle anon.

| You're right. I'll take the cover of my shower drain off too. Nothing will fall in, I'm sure.

Lol But anyway, they're flimsy plastic blades not metal. I can touch 'em just fine.

| The point is to avoid breaking the blades. Nobody cares about your safety.

| >>713634 am i dreaming or my post got deleted?

| >>713921 That's what happens when you say such horrible things. You degenerate.

| >>713926
There was nothing wrong with the post tho
also some other posths are gone too from tech, wierd

| >>713926 "thanks for the chuckle anon" isnt an answer to a horrible post lol

| Guess that joke was too elaborate.

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