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Any idea on how can I find duplicates of pictures folder?

| Collecting my dear g/u/rl pics went a bit too wrong and I'm 100% sure there's duplicates. I wonder how can I view them.

| Antidupl

| Sort by file size

| Currently using HydrusNetwork to manage my legacy files. It runs good so far, tryit if you need to manage large database of personal stuff.

I used to run DupDetector long ago. Check that or something similar if you have a more-less organized collection and think you have duplicates.

If it's just within one folder, do what >>712917 said.

Also, be aware of accidental file deletion when comparing duplicates. ;^)

| >/tech
>people cant even write a python script in 5 minutes to find duplicate pictures and ask for help

Imho we should rename the board into /techsupport

| >>712978
to be fair, the anon that suggested Hydrus gave a better long-term solution for image management than "oh just check for hash duplicates lol"

| >>712978 You are the reason people won't ever want to learn how to make scripts and such, because you show that "techies" are just rude narcissistic assholes. So either tell op how to use python to do things, or stfu, and stop making people regret asking questions.

| >>712978 I have and it's a bad solution, if you download an image from two places the encoder settings from each may not be the same, meaning they don't share a hash even though they're the same image

same issue with people reposting and you not remembering every image you've saved, even from the same source

You *need* to look visually at the content of each image or you're waisting your time

| >>713000 >>713057 to be fair checking hashes isnt the best solution but in lots of cases it's all you need. But 1 im sure you got libraries even for finding visual duplicates, and 2>>713031 imho it's not a good cause for transforming the tech board into a techsupport board, this can be googled. I know the tech board isnt that lively lately but still, gurls, when i enter the tech board i want to discuss things and not "hello im john smith, how can i help you?"

| >>713058 and why would it cost more to say "hey, this is a common question, try to search a bit and you'll learn a lot by solving it" than to complain about this board becoming tech support?


| >>713058 Yes, I'm sure libraries for that exist, but so do fully implemented programs that don't require you to spend free time creating

I'd take tech support over dead any day
Besides this is a good post to talk about programs that do basically the same thing as there's always more than one

| >>713095
Maybe because we're here to discuss technology and not to act as living roadsigns pointing people towards google.com?


| >>713607 Yeah right, everyone here is asking for help or opinions on various topics, what changes is the "level" of the questions. If the guy asked "what programming language to learn", everyone would have been eager to throw some propaganda, but here the question is "too obvious".
Let's face it, people on /tech just like to suck their own dicks and laugh about it, and love to despise people to feel smart.

Can't have basic manners then wonder why techies have a bad image.

| >>713607
Hey there, the gurl from Hydrus and Dupdetector advice post.
So the thing with /tech/ atm is, there are very few posts. If we had more than can be easily browsed, it would be an issue. However, there are usually 5 threads at most.
So, while I dont like spoonfeeding everyone, someone asking for guidance is a good jumpstart to a broader discussion. We can actually compare opinions and hate each other like we do on 4chin.
Or, you know, ignore and forget.

| >>713619
Sir, maybe you need to practice what you preach. You are by far the rudest poster on this board right now.

Obviously I won't take your point seriously if your rhetoric is this bad!

| >>713628
Ignoring and forgetting is how I deal with most of these threads.

But if he's gonna call people out and insult all of us because we didn't meet his expectations I felt I had to say something.

| eh I don't really mind the ocasional shit post where ppl hate on each other, is cancerus if that's all there is tho

also basic tech questions is actually how a lot of forums get their new users, alhough i doubt dangeru is well suited for that aproach

| >>713667
Name 3 such forums

| >>713638 Don't worry honey, I know. I know how to be calm and nice and diplomatic. But I won't, with people who are actively making efforts to prevent beginners from getting interested in a subject that is supposed to be based on information sharing.
To words things differently, I don't try to be nice with tech terrorists. Oops, I meant "elitists", right.

| >>1b04cc
Woah dude, the Edge™

| >>713707
Well if you're not gonna adopt a solution oriented mindset then at least have the courtesy to not complain about it.

| >>713828 What "solution", exactly? The "solution" which implies kicking beginners out, which is the reason the tech board is abandoned?

| >>713857
What did I just say?? You're still just complaining wtf.

| For god's sake, i started this mess so i'll finish it. Do i want the thread to become techsupport? Well no but as anons said the board is dead anyway so at this point i stopped caring about it, that's why i stopped replying until now. Now, is being polite a good idea? Yes. Is making a little joke being rude? No. So dear sjw >>9be895 i congratulate you on that although the joke would just pass by,you came in and killed the thread with your opinion that is only as valid as other ones

| >>713707 and just so you know, being cocky and insulting tech people in the tech board is the opposite of "being diplomatic" nor friendly or smart in general

| >>712882 op, in general you got your answers in the start of the thread but next time ffs google any question that starts with "how to", or at least post the question more like "what's the best solution for x"? Because at least what's best is debatable.

| What last sentence should be implied, just because the question is worded in a way you don't like doesn't mean we can't have discussion about it

Also this whole thread is a shitshow so good job tech

| >>713953
How to express yourself when asking questions is very important. Especially when you're fishing for answers and want your question to catch peoples eyes.

So yes, wording your questions differently can make or break your responses.

| I'm not saying it's not often important but we're clearly already arguing about shit here so it's not like the post not setting you up stopped anything

| Geez, I wanted to just know how to download a gallery and a college boy alreaedy got on his period. I just ask here because this board is one of the few places with people that already know more from me and you g/u/rls have helped me a lot.

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