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Is malware bytes good

| I got laughed at school for using it

| What OS do you use ?

| Seems fine to me. Been using it for a few years and grabbed a lifetime subscription before they discontinued that.

| If people are laughing at you for what antivirus you use they need to grow up

| >>712018 true, as if they all own a talos II or elbrus with openbsd, minix or L4 (not even sure if this OS's run in such platforms).

If I had a windows box I wold go for kaspersky, but that's personal taste if that software makes you feel well go for it don't mind other's (including mine) opinion.

| It is anti-malware what isn't totally same as antivirus, but this one is really quality ^^
As Antivirus is nice Eset

| >>711985 If you didnt know, you can laugh at litterally any antivirus, avg is litterally a copy of avast with nothing changed other than the logo, avast pretty sucks and has tons of bloat and ads, malware bytes is like "i do my job... probably...", after putting kaspersky on ur pc you suddenly start to speak russian(old joke). I personally use other tools than antiviruses that are more effective, but honestly if they're laughing at AVs just tell them they're lamers

| The last good free antivirus for Windows is Clamwin. Anything else that's free is bloat.
From Premium ones I'd probably trust Eset as I had it in 2010-2013 and it worked great.

| >>712072
i'm curious, what other tools are you talking about?

| Antivirus is basically like going around licking the ground, then asking for good medicine when you get sick.
If you use you pc with a brain, you won't get anything. All it requires is a bit of effort and thought.

| >>712084 just like>>712087 said, nit licking the ground and then asking the av to clean is better, open suspicious files with sandboxie and analyze every suspicious file just dropping it in virustotal.com

| MB has been working well for me so far, paired with the standard WinDefender in case anything slips through the cracks.

| >>712146 use sandboxie plus, or another fork

Last official sandboxie release has known security vulns that have not been fixed, probably won't be an issue but it's something to note

| >>712253 Oh,finally a proper /tech. I got the vulns part but are you sure the forks dont have any or have less?

| >>712334 lol

| >>712334 we can't be sure the forks don't have any but the ones publicly known have been patched to my knowledge

| I should also mention that if someone is unaware, the current owners decided they didn't want to support it, and dumped it on github and shut down the licensing servers

| >>712418 Good to know. So basically the "stock" sandboxie is unsupported, so it has more sense to switch to actively supported forks like sandboxie plus. Thanks for sharing this.

| >>711985 anti viruses are useless. Never had an anti virus and never got any virus or adware. Do people really think they need an antivirus? Or it just a meme?

| >>712841 it's only good once you actually get infected.. Though the best option is reinstall.

| >>712021
doesn't 4ch/g/ say kapersky's spyware?

| >>713001 it's Russian so they probably did yes

| >>713001 is it a spyware? Probably yes. Is it the best and most effective antivirus in the world? Probably yes.
When you're using windows and you ask what av to use honestly i wouldnt be bothered by spywares, windows sends tons of data to themselves and google collects every single bit of information that it can get from you, discord sells all their data and whatsapp with no secrets sends all data to facebook for marketing and advertising purposes. Were you bothered about somthing?

| >>713062 thank you for such reply, almost thought was me replying.

Wold add again the importance of hardware and a microkernel design or openbsd for those who care.

To be secure and have privacy/anonymity takes a lot of effort, from cryptography to the way we type and write.

| >>713289 I do the same.

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