What are your opinion on Telegram?

| Privacy-wise.

Are they better from Discord?

| Discord and privacy are not a thing.
so probably, although i got no clue about telegram

| Discord is a for profit company which is made purposely for selling your data (games ownership, habits, etc)

Telegram is, as for now, a non profit with dubious income which may or may not have ties with Russia. Of all the centralized chat applications out there it is the lesser evil, even if you take into account that it may be compromised, since anything is better than having yank companies or its government spying on it

| Definitely better, they offer end to end encryption though only direct chats can use it, and competent adversaries like china have had a lot of difficulty with it, but there's a lot of stuff they do have access to and i bet they cooperate with america

| Oh, the last comment makes what i thought i knew about it being american a question

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The creators are from Russia and are the same ones who made VK but they strive to be independent of governments and companies, to the point where it is reportedly self funded by one of them

| Wasn't the whole point of telegram to be a big FUCK YOU to the Russian government?

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Yeah but since they basically operate through security by obscurity we will never know.

Citing what one of my countries's most important infosec contractor told us, telegram is fine as long as you assume that Putin may or may not be reading your chat while on the bathroom

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Telegram may has a strong encryption and recently even an open source client. But, like most others, it lacks of two "features (which aren't actually features, but the absence of anti-features)
- the server component isn't open source
- the infrastructure is centralized

The highest potential for secure and privacy friendly communication are email and xmpp, both with pgp.

A general issue for ANY secure and privacy friendly communication is naturally group communication.

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Oh, and discord just sucks ass. Everything which is exclusively based on web-technology is violating privacy and security by design, technically.

| Telegram seems ok but none of my friends want to use it

| Needing a phone number means no privacy.

| >>705645 email is not secure enough, not even with pgp/gpg

| >>705669
I mean it's possible for that to be wrong but in practice it never is.
I'm assuming because there's no way to conceal the sender/recepient+ other metadata?

| >>705744 I never said e-mail should be used. I don't see the point of pretending to be privacy-friendly if you ask for a way to identify users.

| Almost anything is better than Discord and Telegram seems fine.

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This. It's not perfect, but will do the job decently, unlike Discord

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With PGP, it's more secure than telegram.

| More secure does not mean actually secure

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Well, then absolutely nothing will ever be "actually secure", except abandon information exchange.

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pgp email is far from peak security the transport layer for instance is still at best TLS
Handing someone data personaly is Actually secure
so is anything encrypted and local as those are situations you can make sure no one involved gets any data.

That becomes alot more difficult when on a international network and several atempts have been made to fix that e.g. onion routing. which at least atempts to hide the sender/reciever unlike email

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reading what i wrote a bit later, eeeh kinda wrong(also hard-ish to read, sry)
email can be done through onion routing making it better
but email is insecure by itself and you need to tack on things like onion routing and PGP to make it so

Though most ppl will never use PGP or a secure transport layer
unless it's enforced by a popular email provider
sooo I'd still stay clear of it.

| >>706554 >>706456

"Perfect" security is a myth. An ideal to strive for, maybe, but you can only really delay or hinder a possible snooper long enough to escape or to hopefully make them decide you are not worth the effort.

Better to never become a target than to rely on anything preventing you from being found. Its all a matter of how it important it is for a pursuer to find you. No one cares about you until its decided that you're an enemy of the state.

| needs phone number so useless


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