Hardwarefags be like

| Noooooo the graphic card GTX8218472187814 is better than the RT898281821 >:(((((

| This will probably be moved to /tech/

| >>704039
Boo, sorting is overrated

| Hey it's not me that does it, it's the mods

| "SDDs are better than HDDs because I say so reeeee"

| >>704080
I mean, SSDs really are kinda better...

| >>704088

| >>704080 >>704088 >>704091 they are if your operating system is made somewhere after 2015 (this applies to Windows 10 and modern day Ubuntu distros. Debian ones are less bloated and work good on HDD)

For storage they're worse as they last about 5 years or less before they eventually die. HDDs can last more, about 20 years of daily use if not overwhelmed and treated good.

| Hardwarefags be hardwarefagging

| >>704135 oh I didn't know SSDs last shorter then HDDs.

This is only valid type of hardwarefagging

| >>704341 SSD ain't bad if you keep on transferring files all the time or playing games that take up a lot of space ('bout 35GB) since they can lower load times.

Apart from that nothing else that wasn't said before (using a one as a boot drive.)

| Never use it for backups. You can make a copy on HDD, DVD, heck even CD, place it in safe spot, plug it in 20 years later and in 99% of cases it should work perfectly. Meanwhile an SSD will either stop working after 5+ years or will turn into read-only first till it decides to die.

| >>704341
i've litterally never had a hdd pull 5 years without somekind of failiure.
ssds can have an insane lifetime.

jesus fuck this is like the tenth time something on this board has derailed into factless i prfer ssd/hdd/hybrid/whatever

Pretty mutch any fucking computer storage medium that's not a fucking wire recording or cnc with a pencil
_Will have it's advantages_
_&Wildly diffrent tiers of build quality_
and in order to list all of them takes way too long so ffs shut up

| Damn this thread really did get sorted to /tech/

| >>704376
Hold up, keeping backup on DVDs and CDs? Are you sure about that? CDs are pretty susceptible to, like, dust and dirt, just a bit of that and suddenly it won't run anymore.

| >>704449
Eh, they can last fairly long if you treat them right. I wouldn't rely on them too much myself though.

| CDs and DVDs are prone to disc rot. There even exists a bacteria that has evolved to be able to eat optical media.

| I'm A Sony Archival Disc Archiveā„¢ Kind Of Guy

| >>704388 for how long did you have an SSD?

| >>704376 this is wrong on so many levels
Fuck off with backup CD and DVD, discrot is plague of this medium and you can't do anything about it
HDD has bit flip
SSD don't die after 5 years, even consumer grade 100%[unless you buy from aliexpress]
Want to store backups properly? Raidz3 or go home

| Everytime I read about bloat, bitrot, raid[x], or blabbering about SSD vs HDD I remember why I gave up on this board. The bait comments are more thoughtful than the tech-illiterate responses...

| >>704568
"Wildley diffrent tiers of build guality"
that implies ive had both die within a week and last a long time.
I'd say this board can be worse but can't honestly think of an example

| >>704825
You're a perfect example

| >>704825 I absolutely can't understand what you just tried to say.

| >>704825 talk shit, get shit

| >>1b282e how many discs per vdev? I run 10 in raid-z2

| danger/tech/ can be kinda cringe but i think it's better than 4chan's /g/. i would say people is way less smug here

| nah tose are consumerists, not hardwarefags

Real hardwarefags be like
>Nooo the FCC is fining me after i built an SDR out of a 2$ board and an antenna i salvaged from the junk flea and used it to cast moaning sounds over EMT channels

| Lul

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