Yesterday I saw...

| ... a kid wearing a "do the FLOSS" shirt. i thought FLOSS meant "Free & Libre Open Source Software" not some shitty fortnite dance. i fucking hate this planet.

| Remember to floss after brushing your teeth

| How did you know it was a Fortnite dance?

| *dabs on the GNU project*

| My mental breakdown

| >>703100
i looked it up on Microsoft Encartaâ„¢, the only GNU approved source of knowledge.

| Don't lie to yourself. You immediately knew its a fortnite dance. Nobody says floss. Saying free and Libre is redundant. It's just foss

| >>703202
ok, you got me. there are two wolves within me. there's fortnite and then there's free software activism. the two wolves keep fifhting... maybe they stop when the fortnite rms skin is released.

| The floss deffinatly is a original fortnite dance and has no history behind it, in fact fortnite is 100% original and nothing even comes close to refrencing something.

and how do you mistake 'the floss' for 'floss' this one is on you.
also f.l.o.s.s is a retarded acronym always has been.

| I've never heard of FLOSS before but..
Why does it start with "Free & Libre"? Isn't "Libre" just Free in French?

| >>704340
It is but Free can mean free of charge and freedom while Libre is only freedom. it's there in order to not be confused with software thats free of charge

| I think it was supposed to be Latin. And it's all fine to have free OR Libre, but not both. Would be like saying 'my meal is warm and hot'. It's absolutely redundant

| >>704355
you can have free software that not open(libre)
and you can have libre software that not free
so using both is not redundant

how hard is it to grasp the fact that "free" has multiple meanings

It's like if a cop arrested you and said you're getting these cuffs for free and you'd be shocked you're restrained

| >>704390 if it's Libre, it's also free

| >>704408
Eather way that does not make it redundant in a catagory of software which floss is.
And i guess that could be true, honestly don't know the deffinition well enough te say weather in the context of software it means just open or free & open

| >>704390
>libre software that is not free

fsf says free software has to provide...
freedom 0: freedom to run the code (no license expiry pr geographic limitations)
freedom 1: freedom to look at the source code
freedom 2: freedom to distribute copies
freedom 3: freedom to distribute modified copies

i guess someone could sell a program+source and then somebody could buy it and distribute it for free. it doesnt't make much sense, really.

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