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Learning to code, where to start?

| Network admin so I'm not sure if that will help me

| I started with code academy free for the very basics, and dropped it maybe half way through the python course to learn myself just by doing

The problems you'll run into just trying to make something that works will guide you to what questions to ask or search on stack overflow

Imo starting with an interpreted language that's not strong typed makes things easier but you can totally start with c or whatever you want and you'll probably develope better habits that way

| What do you want to do with programming?

If you want to learn in a serious manner, just follow public courses of any university degree on CS, I recommend starting with Assembly on a novice level (ARM is extremely easy), though it may never reach the level of a proper education

If you want just to do it as a hobby and not much else, I would start with Python which is used for scripting and basic stuff outside of serious programming tasks

| Python or similar to learn, assembly if you want to understand things in-depth, C if you're a masochist who prefers bugs to programs.

| Learning to code /what/ and /why/?

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This thread is permanently archived