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A good mouse?

| I need a new mouse, preferably one with a concave thumb indent. What would you g/u/rls recommend?

| but been using hv-ms735 for years so thats the only mouse i can even talk about since it's the only one i remember using

| Mionix naos

| A4 Tech D630 or something like that. I don't remember the name but that mouse is a panzerfaust.

| R.A.T 8+
Just got it, expensive, but very customizable. I am happy regardless of price.

| I've been using a g502 for years

| lg g306 is pretty nice
pretty cheap too

| anything from Roccat

| i wasn't read post... duhh.. if you want use thumb, probably Razer Naga or ROG Chakram, but i'm finding it honestly weird.. for what people have mouse/gamepad or number bar? I love honestly mouses as Roccat Kone or Kiro

| >>701031 I second a4tech's offerings.
Cheap mice for a good price.

| Quite reliable too. Served me well for seven years and died because of my stupidity.

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This thread is permanently archived