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Got me a new SSD

| My hdd had died a few weeks ago so I went ahead and got myself a brand new SSD, I was able to backup lots of stuff from my HDD thankfully.

It has finally arrived and it is pretty good, firefox opens nearly instantly on my computer that has a shitty CPU though the low capacity kinda screws me. Now I need a HDD to store my videos and work stuff because it`s nearly full. Shit.

Thanks for reading my blogpost.

| Oh I posted this in the wrong board, maids please move this to /tech/.

| Congrats, op!

| you're scaring me, how can an HDD die like that?

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HDDs have a limited lifespan and will break down eventually. Backup everything important.

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how old?

| >>700825 Don't worry about that, the HDD won't die instantly so you will have time to backup the important stuff.

My HDD was 7 years old and it was my fault that it died. My dumbass dropped it while I was trying to install my components into a new computer case.

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mine's at 11

| I'd you're worried about your hdd check the smart status

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hey kid, ever heard about rotational velocidensity?

| HDDs can die instantly, but it's pretty unlikely. Just make sure that anything you couldn't replace is backed up somewhere.

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