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Thoughts on tiktok?

| Ignoring the political side of things. Through the shady data practises do warrant discussion. What do you make of tiktok as an app? I always felt it was the end product of years of raw engagement driven algorithms. Maybe I'm out of touch but it feels like a step down from an era when the web produced rich original content and animations to ending up with thousands of generic copy paste 10 second auto tune videos.

| sexual dances made for the sole purpose of diminishing the youths brain cells and spreading fake news

| Cancer.

| I agree, for users who adapt to short videos it's the logical next step for holding their attention to make money off it. No different than vine and others, even if it's had more time to develop a stable culture like youtube has than vine got

| >>700017 damnit, you were faster than me! Cancer indeed.

| Vine but more spyware

| I'm completely neutral about it. I don't touch it myself but from what I've seen, it makes people happy, and I'm not going to shoot down things that make people happy. Not everything has to be "rich original content".

The shady data practices, however, is a pretty big deal.

| >>700171
crystal meth also makes people happy...

| >>700199
If meth isn't scientifically proven to cause medical addiction I won't have trouble with it either tbh.

| A lot of creators on it struck me as mcmansion types for some reason.

| Another fad.

| They do wathever they want, i mean, hey! You can create content as you want, imma not watch anyway so have fun, yeah, I'm neutral about this because I actually didn't watched any tik tok ever, so i can't have an opinion on it, fair enough is the deal i mentioned
-Desty N.

| I always see it as a place for teenagers to post things publicly that they will later regret in life, kind of like me with deviantart back in the days.

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Like, you successfully managed to perfectly convinct your employer to give you that dreamed job buuuuut...

"hey.... Hum... Is it you on that furry anime tik tok ? Yah better prepare you to be dirtily evicted in 5 seconds"

| >>701269
Teenagers always need a space to post dumb shit they might regret later in their life. Tiktok's a good a place as any.

| In some ways it's good for letting people share information and ideas, and some tik toks are actually really funny (see: https://youtu.be/9QHF1rx_hig )

Generally though it's teens being obnoxious fucktards that they are but broadcasted on a huge platform. Total fucking cringe, awful influences, not to mention it's Chinese spyware. 0/10 I want vine back.

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