Hacking Myself

| Say that you've lost access to an account with no way of getting it back. Its yours, you just don't have access to it because you lost the password or w/e and customer service can't help you. Now, would hiring a hacker to break into your account and give it to you be possible? Is it even really a thing?

| and risk my info that i wanted to get from the account being leaked? fuck no

| The password was hunter2

You can thank me later

| 9/10 "hackers" who will crack passwords for you are fake af and just want your money

Next time setup a recovery email and use a password manager

| >>697195 Are password managers even a real thing? I always felt like it was a way to steal ur info

| Yes, but only if they're a personal trusted source or friend IRL who works in IT/network security/adjacent fields.

No one online who claims to offer this service is legitimate or cares about you as anything other than an easy mark, and even if some did, the black hats greatly outnumber them.

| Password is password123, email is [email protected]

| >>697195 Shame. Well thank you. I guess it'll be lost then. It isn't really a password thing. It was my fault though. It was a Google authentication that I lost when switching phones. I wasn't smart about it and lost the ability to access it. But thats lesson learned.

| >>697199 yep, I use keepass it's a open source completely offline password manager

| >>697259 if you never linked a recovery email, or phone, and didn't keep your backup codes yea that sucks

I wish there was a way to backup Google authenticator but the only solution is to use a different totp app (probably from fdroid) that doesn't have the no backup flag, then you can at least adb backup the app data worst case scenario

| >>697360 Yeah it was really just a bad slip up. Though I wonder if I can recover the previous state of my phone. I changed phones and that is how this all started. But yeah I've heard you can recover old data.

| >>697199
everything which is not open source and relies on internet connection is potentially all about getting your personal data. Fortunately there are open source password managers that don't rely on internet access. So yes, Password Manages of course ARE a thing.

| >>697359 i second keepass. Its pretty good

| I'll keep that in mind.

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