I need some laptop advice

| I can only buy one RAM upgrade or a SSD my current one has 256gb of ssd and a 8gb ddr4 ram, which one should i buy

| Do you really need either? If you find yourself running out of disk then get the SSD upgrade.

Imo 8GB of RAM is enough unless you're a hardcore gamer or use photoshop/CAD stuff.

| It's not a need but a possibility, since i can get both at relatively low prices, and I've read that using both ram slots improves performance exponentially instead of using only one or does that applies only to pc's?

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Not only to PCs, but I never checked what happens if you have 2 ramsticks from different manufacturers. Might throttle a bit.

256GB of ssd sounds like enough for workspace. For archiving purposes it's usually better to have an external HDD. Or the normie way of cloud.

| In my experience while using two ram's of different manufacturers, i haven't really seen any throttle, but not a huge improvement in performance either, and I'll be using that laptop both for work and gaming

| I would recommend a ram upgrade + an external hdd.

| I don't really like carrying around a hdd so I'll probably go with the ram upgrade tbh

| I would suggest that if the space upgrade is not a current necessity, then go for ram.
You can always upgrade space later on if/when you need it, but ram will show a more immediate result.

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