tranny burg


| Wha

| Nope.
Noping myself outta here.

| cheap bait

| Hhhhhh mm i was born as a "girl" and i wish i could swap pysical bodies with people who long for "female" bodies so that i could give them what they want and i have no desire for. Their pysical bodies would get me closer to what i desire, even if it wasnt perfect, the fulfillment of helping someone else and being that much closer, would make it worthit.

| >>697148 did not expect this bait to become a legitimate venting place but fuck that's a god damn mood, stuck just having to use a breastplate + dress + wig + makeup and wish it was easier than that

| >>697165 maybe one day we can all have robot bodies. I'm staying alive as long as I can hoping it'll happen.

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