I'm searchin a girl

| I search for a girl that understands math and likes electronics. And I dont no where to search anymore. But maybe a girl like this exists. So I keep on searchin. In case u r this girl, or you know her. Pls answer.!

| Try cortana

| >>696156 not a girl,but I think that bonzi buddy is way better

| Don't be so desperate and get a personality

| have you ever met siri? she's pretty hot ngl. alexa is her friend and she's also quite sexy

| Does a femboy count lol

| Aka moua

| Me but I don't wanna date you </3

| >>696811

| >>696928 Sup

| >>1a460a
Dude, you need to understand that, yes, scientifics cute girls are the dream for nerds and a lot of other nice people, but, like gamer girls, it's insanely rare, so just give up for now with the gf things but keep an eye out
Have a nice day tho ^^

| >>696139
I know plenty of girls that are majoring in math. Try your local college. You'll meet a lot of women just by attending.

| Don't be a simp.
That is all.

| I dunno if this girls really exists, but her name is Lain

| > girl_and_her_calculator.jpeg

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