Why isn't [insert OS] an open technology?

| Engineering works are all protected by patents, not copyright, and patents have rather short lifespan so more technologies become available for the benefit of the public.

So why isn't the same thing happening with OS? Where is my commercial open source Windows-like OS?

| Money.

| >>694836 Why aren't photos in your phone open photographies?

| Because the entertainment industry have lobbied for the extension of copyrights to absurd lengths.
When copyrights were first implemented they lasted 8 years and it was considered more than enough time to earn money on your creation.
Buy due to extensive lobbying you can now hold a copyright for 120 years after the creator is dead.


| >>695115 let's be real we have Disney as a very large part to thank in that

| >>695117
so, >>695091

| >>695441 yes but simply "money" doesn't convey enough information, maybe "Disney money"

| >>695449 no, just money.

| >>695115
Y'all, op literally mentioned in the first post that engineering is protected by patents, not copyright. They're different things, people.

| >>694836
Because the most important legacy of Bill Gates and microsoft isn't DOS, Windows or Software/Technology at all. Their biggest success was marketing and lobby work to build and secure a monopoly on a new market - based on the obscure and ridicolous idea of "intelectual property".

| See also:
Digging deeper into microsofts history you'll find many cases of how earlyand often they pushed the highly debatable idea of intelectual property.

| >>695508
So? Software is protected my copyrigh, obviously...

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