The 30 series

| Thoughts on nvidias new generation of gpus?

The leap in performance and price is insane, and some real cool tech being developed.

Future is looking pretty cool.

| ye deffinatly buut
i only bougth a high end nvidia gpu once 1080 on release it took ages to arive and when it did it was unable to run a 2160p +1080p monitor setup without shitting itself they refused refund since it wasn't a defect but intentional rez limit, i eventually replaced it with a rx590 for a tenth of the cost and it had no problems with 2160p+1080p+1080p

whiich deffinatly "spoiled my milk" to say for them

| There's actually big leap in performance (though mostly in new hi-tech shit like tensor and rt cores, aside from that there are slight improvements for cache and just moar cudas) and prices are not as insane as many would think, so I'd say it's big win. Hope there will be actually budget card (not something like 2060) with tensors (maybe old gen), so broke bois could experience the magic of dlss.

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