Antivirus recommendations

| Title is self explanatory. Any recommendations?

I've been using Avast for far too long and I don't really think it's doing it's job.
Thought I can manage security on my own, I would like to try a good anti-virus for once. Free of course. I'm not interested on paying for one at the moment.

Any thoughts?

| Not installing dodgy shit 2020

| Lol. Wants a good anti virus - does not want to pay for it. Man, you're just asking for some bloatware to slow down your pc. Fuck other 3rd party antivirus software, windows defender it is. Just use an adblocker and umatrix on sites which u don't trust and FOR GODS SAKE STOP INSTALLING DODGY SOFTWARE FROM DODGY SITES!

| eset

| My only personal experience recently is with Avira, which seems to work well enough but does try to sell you it's Pro features every boot-up. If you don't want to get anything tho, Windows Defender has apparently improved a lot over the years. And the review sites seem to like Kapersky a lot.

| >>694041 i'm not sure if is safe trust russian software "^^

| i've always wanted to try clamav!

| Protogent

| The best AV is hands down ESET.

But it's expensive so if you want a free alternative just use Malwarebytes ...

... or better yet GNU plus Linux coupled with an IT-security/pentester education.

| Also a friendly reminder that you'll prevent 90% of viruses, malware and trojans if you don't make your main account the Administrator.

If you do then stop that shit. Use a dedicated Admin account for when you need it.

| 1. Don't run proprietary software.
2. Don't run software from unknown sources.
This stops >90% of all viruses from working. And for the rest, no antivirus software will help you.

| Maybe a 3rd point:
3. Use a OS with proper user rights handling and configuration and don't fucking break it because you're to lazy to type your root password.

| >>694172
ummm you could write a program that requires sudo access and prints "Sorry, try again" asking to retype your password, like when you type it wrong. most people (me included) could fall for that. is cli phiahing a thing?

| I don't use them. I am an antivaxxer.

| Clamwin.

| I personaly am a pc anti vaxxer i run linux tho soo

| i just use windows defender and when I need to scan something i boot up malwarebytes

| >>694388 malware bytes is spyware

| >>694511
Not according to Wireshark or Burp, but you do you lol.

| >>694511
Not according to Wireshark or Burp, but you do you lol.

| >>694511 thank you for your input

| >>694511


under that definition, most modern programs are spyware. Win 10, Steam, Firefox, etc etc.

Which, of course they are, since completely removing the ability for them to contact any kind of server renders them inoperable and useless, lmao.

| >>694277
The point is not to execute programs with unknown sourcecode and from not trustworthy sources at all.

Unfortunately the commercialization of software and web-services created dominant monopolies that primarily serve the needs of the dumb and selfish mob, which members voluntarily sacrifice privacy and security for convenience.

Phishing will always be a thing, but it's not really an argument against a basic and proper implemented rights management.

| >>693974

thread was over once this was posted lol

| >>695217 I'm not apologizing! xD

| Linux and uBlock Origin, then don't copy-paste terminal commands

| use linux and don't be retarded

| mcafee

| >>694070

| >>694041
I ended up giving Kapersky a try. I used to have it Premium a long time ago but I stopped using it when the whole controversy surrounding it started. But it was getting good reviews, and the free plan it offered doesn't look half bad (considering I don't need much)

| >>695217
That's why civilized people use a package manager with trustworthy sources.

| Common Sense TM

| Hey, I use eset as well.

Though I don't think it's particularly expensive, think we picked up a license ages ago and haven't had to pay again since

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