Windows XP software for daily use.

| Obscure, right? Who cares?

MyPal - fork of Palemoon, works with modern day websites and is being updated all the time.

7zip - Winrar alternative, works on even Windows 2000

Foobar2000 - music player

MPCHC - video player

| You do realise that all of those apps aside from mypal are compatible with newer Windows versions, right? Windows XP is less obscure and more "you really ought to upgrade unless you have a very strong reason not to"

| >>693284
i won't update because i still play 3d pinball space cadet

| >>693292
Just upgrade and run WinXP in a wm before my niece hacks you

| >>693306 im on pentium 4

| >>693313
Use GNU+Linux with qemu or Cooperative Linux or something.


| >>693320 too hard and gta vice city wont work

| Using xp in the modern era is asking to have every new virus infect you, xp is still a target because banks do still use it. Difference is they pay for security updates you don't ever get

| >>693292
You know what, that is a pretty strong reason, fair

| Btw that does still run in windows 10 if you do a little surgery and move the game files over, spin up a VM, drag the game out and keep trying to run it, it should error with a dll missing find it in vm and drop it in the folder with the game until it works

| You can also run win 3.1 games on 10 x64 using winevdm

On 32-bit versions of windows you can/could install ntvdm from the "install apps and features" page on 32 bit os

That would let you run 16 bit programs like dos and win 3.1 officially on win 10

This is because the modern x86_64 CPUs actually ship with a v86 mode (virtual 8086) the cpu is able to shift into v86 while in legacy 32 bit but not 64 bit mode; a hard reset of the cpu is required to go from 64 to v86

| Winevdm takes care of the whole not being able to switch to v86 but you can read more on it's github

It's fun to play windows entertainment pack games for win 3.1 on windows 10 at 4k

| If there's one thing m$ cares about it's backwards compatibility

| >>fef1f2 >>fef1f2 good goy

| >>fef1f2
tbh id rather have the ocasional randsomeware then ms snooping in on my every keystroke
+with the randomized updates the rate of randomly bricked is more or less the same

| Nobody shits on my main man WinXP. It's the second solid Windows edition.

| >>693524 use Linux, I'm fairly sure wine is able to run basically everything from that era too

| >>693553 yeah, right after Windows 2000

| >>693275
If you keep your pc offline then yeah, you can pretend it's still 2005 and stay safe.

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