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| Anyone watch that livestream?
Would you get a brain implant?
I probably wouldn't from Elon, but maybe eventually.

| I probably will not unless there's open source software runnung it.

| Yeah, in this era where everything can be hacked pretty easily, let's put something that can control our brain with information from the internet.

| It's one of those things where the privacy side of me is scared of it but the tech side of me wants to be a cyborg, so maybe but I'd probably not have it running all the time

| I wasn't able to watch the livestream is there a vod yet?

| i feel honestly interested about neuralink.. but i want it would works as read-only device.. writing sounds little dangerous..

| No i think ill let ppl that "want to be a cyborg" do the beta testing on this one

| https://youtu.be/CLUWDLKAF1M

14 Minute super-cut for those who are interested.

| >>693084 well to be fair the people who will do the beta test are probably going to be those with neurological disorders that already have brain probes as a treatment

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This thread is permanently archived