Best (and cheap) MP3 players?

| I have a shit ton of music and mp3s (yeah I know, lossless is nicer, but I need the size versatility) and I'm wanting to get some kind of mp3 player but having no luck.

I need something durable and that can store a lot of songs and preferably cheap. iPod classics seem nice but they are impossible to find at a decent price aside from ebay and I've been screwed by ebay before so I don't want to use that. Let alone it being used and having no bluetooth...

Any idea what I should get?

| Forgot to mention, streaming service support or internet connectivity aren't essential.

| just get a used ipod touch

| mp3 players used to be popular for a few years then their functionality was moved to last generations of pre-iphone mobile devices. It has stayed this way ever since. It might be difficult to find such a deprecated device.

You asking us to do searching for you. No.

| i don't want judging it.. but mp3 are little dead thing, today you can have all music in phones + also with music streaming services as Spotify, TuneIn, SoundCloud and so on... if you want mp3 because you decided for it, i think that you should find one what is looking interesting for you and you will really like.. But today phones also supporting things as hi-res audio..

| Phone

| i got a new sandisk sansa clip jam in 2016 for 25€ and it's amazing. no album art, but battery life and durability is amazing. it even survived the washing machine! and it has a micro sd card slot. but no bluetooth :(
there are probably other similar price-ranged sandisk devices with bluetooth but those would have color screen probably.
before that i had a no-name chinese mp3 for a year and the ui was batshit insane. you had to enter menus just to change volume.

| I used to have a samsung yp-p2
It was pretty nice at the time.
There are probably way better devices in the price range of this.
Upgraded a few years ago to a Fiio M9. Not the same price point tho D:

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samsungs were cool! i had a yp-u5 and you could select a mascot to dance along with your music. or your album art. amazing how could they fit that in such a tiny screen.

| if you go with the sansa clip keep in mind there are some minor inconveniences. for example, with album names, only the first like 16 characters are significative. so if you have "American Football" and "American Football (LP2)" it would see both as the same album. But you can easily solve it if you rename LP2 to "(LP2) American Football".
do a bit of research before buying anything!

| I uhh use my phone, run a jellyfin/Plex server with all your music and stream it to your phone assuming you stay under bandwidth cap/have unlimited there's no real downside doesn't fill up your phone SD and you have access to your entire library

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Use your phone you dumbass

| Get an ipod classic model. They are cheap and they have huge hard disk sizes

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>hard disk


| >>693554
those should be replaced with sd adaptors. results in lighter player and easily replaceable cards should they fail.
there is a Cowon U7, which has 32gb and looks quite promising. it should cost around 100 euros or sth, but if you want a cheaper solution look for clip+, as the newer sansas sound way worse than clip+

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