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Which iPad should I choose?

| I want to buy used ipad mostly for books and writing lectures with pencil. Which one is better ipad pro (cellular+256gb 12 inch 2015) or ipad 2019 (cellular+128gb)? Which one is better with pencil and which one is more powerful? They have almost equal prices and I'm confused

| >used ipad to be used as reading/writing device
>comparison between two high-shelf devices
In all seriousness, both are bad choices for your purpose. Do you also buy airplane tickets to drink some coffee in silence?

| for notes i found interesting Surface Go (1st gen), it's pretty easy to go tablet-pc with windows.. but depends if it's something what you really need, i was lazy to take around 2kg+ in back, and performence of device is on level of Pentium.. And it's really good for browsing, Word, Osu! and it's probably all..iPad doesn't have keyboard as i know..and keyboard is kinda important think..or at least for me, touch screen is little painful for writing fast notes..i hope that i did help

| Ipad pro

| crApple is not the way to go.
Look at Windows Tablet computers. They are much better spec and are easier &cheaper to service if you ever crack the screen. If you get an iPad, the only official solution to fixing a broken screen is... Yep just buying another iPad.

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This thread is permanently archived