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Help me with find phone...


| I'm dumb, i did mistakely sent without text...
i'm looking for some alternative for XZ Premium... I found little interesting Xperia 10 II (downgrade for same price) and LG Velvet (little high price), but i feel unsure about them.. I want avoid of chinese phones, and i'm expecting ip68, some interest cpu with camera, display and so...
I feel that is not high offers for my kind of wish.. is there something what i should check?

| i would be really glad for that :c

| personally I'm going to get a pixel 4a 5g but it's not out yet (rumor is end of September)

Not sure if the 4a or 4a 5g works suit your needs but it's worth a look

| Would suit your needs*

| What's your exact budget.

| And what's your current phone... Can it's bootloader be unlocked? Does it ship with at least Android 8.1? If it does, look up "(your phone) RR rom" and follow the installation guide.

Can you save money for a really good phone that will last more than 3 years? If so, you should wait. Things are going to get a lot crazier in 3 years.

| >>693030 my budget is on 380€... theoretically i can go up to 570€, but i don't want totally spent so much if wasn't there some really big reason.. i'm now thinking between xperia 10 ii, xperia 5, lg velvet and lg g8s.. i like honestly sony software, but they cost little much recently with my old XZ Premium (what i had for 380€, really awesome phone ^^ but i was refunded it for some problems on display)

| I see it probably for G8S, but it's difficult see it in online stores

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This thread is permanently archived