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AMD Gang Assemble

| lets show those intel boys their place!

| PowerPC is better

| I'll keep my Pentium II, thank you very much.

| This isn't r/ayyyymd

| but amd64 is the goat man!

| >>692106
wii, xbox 360 and ps3 (but only frontend core) were powered by powerpc! i think those were the last consumer grade powerpc products.

| Why do asus keep on making their amd laptops shitty compared to the intel counterparts?

| Anyone else hoping there will be a RISC-V Thinkpad style device by Purism?
That would be the perfect laptop.

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thing is don't think arm will breach into the desktop market anytime soon but ye i'd buy a risc machine just not from purism

| I mean with Apple pushing arm into a MacBook and m$ working on that x86 layer for arm, assuming that all goes well I could see arm take over the low cost laptop sector, and if it's in low end laptops it's probably not far from low end OEM systems too maybe like 5 years ish before arm takes over portable devices in general, then it's only a matter of performance to take over desktop since everything would have x86_64 and arm builds anyway

| I'm on Intel because laptops n shit but I see the appeal of modern day AMD. Intel is a fuck.

| Waiting for big navi to come out so RX5700's price can drop.

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Why would you (or anyone lol) want radeon card in this gen? They objectively suck in this generation. Like they have more or less same performance at certain price point, but nvidia has their much better hw decoders and especially encoders, their features like dlss and rt, proper software that has more fatures and is more stable and they need less power to run, meaning lower requirements for ps, lower power bills and generally cooler system.

| >>693232
Surely none of these advantages are vital and "killer" (except for dlss maybe, cos in most cases it's just 20-50% of free performance) but there is so many of them that I can't comprehend why are radeon cards still selling.

| >>693232 because people that don't play current AAA game with high setting exist?

I don't really care about min maxing the amount of $$$ compared to FPS that I will get, power bill or PC temp.

I have been using RX 470 to play my games on (mostly) 60fps/1080 for almost 4 years and it serves me well, except for Witcher 3 (around 50fps). iirc 5700XT performs around 2x of my current card, so that's more than enough for me. I just want to pay less for it.

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