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I found something awesome on Kickstarter

| https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/flipper-devices/flipper-zero-tamagochi-for-hackers

I wish it badly xD But sadly it's costs 120$, it's my wet hacker's dream :,D

| I don't understand! I don't even wrote something like "fack you" or "you retard and don't deserve to write anywhere accept your own 12 iq mind." Don't make my mind broke by your hard-understandable english writing!

| >>691791 please being objective and don't judge my bad english "^^ i just wanted to share something awesome.. and you actually did over quotes.. your mind can hold it, and if not, i can't be criminalised for it.. i can theoretically use my national language, but i'm sure that you would hate me

| >>691791
Is this a bot reply? This is just straight out of nowhere.

Back on the topic, I'm not much for hacking so I barely understand half of what this thing is supposed to be. But it looks cute, and I wish the project success.

| >>691791 >>691794 did the mods remove replies or does this not make any sense

Anyway looks cool op, but I'm not sure there's a whole lot of pen testers on this board to make use of it

| Looks too cool to be true. I'm afraid this it might end up way less exciting than the video implies.

| >>691809 >>691856

For some reason, the exact same post appears on a /u/ thread.

I think they just copypasted by accident. Or the post was sent to the wrong thread. It's happened before.

| wayyy too expensive for me.

| >>691856
Not really for pentesters. The word "hacking" is applied in a loose sense, as Flipper is supposed to read radiowaves from all kinds of remotes. Maybe also connecting to WiFi, Bluetooth, infrared (remember these?). Unironically a cool device if it delivers its premise, and something to pentest on, not pentest with.

| >>691952 I mean it said it could be used as a bad USB, and sniff/replay radio and such for access control systems and the like

So it seems really useful for a pentest or if you're into that tech from a hobby perspective, just not sure how popular that sort of thing is here since I haven't seen a lot of questions like how to clone access control keys or much in the security side of tech

| But honestly if we are reading it's intent differently that's a good sign that it's really versatile and hopefully I'll deliver

| until i see MITM i'm not budging

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