I can finally access the clearnet

| but I can't find any website :(

if only someone would make a tool to index the existing websites. they might get rich too by promoting certain websites!

| You don't need to find other websites
You're already on the only site worth visiting

| Have you heard of google.com?

| >>684183 no, what does it do

| >>684235 Alright, listen to me carefully. You have to follow my instructions correctly so you don't accidentally summon cyber-satan somehow. First there's this obloid shaped thing on your desk besides the company on top of a mat. That's called a 'Mouse'. It doesn't look like one, don't worry, it's just called that. Anyways, depending on the 'Mouse' a person has it could have flashing rainbow lights or clicky things on the side called buttons, but generally there are two big...

| ...buttons on the front-end of the 'Mouse' and maybe a cable (which is a bunch of copper threads wrapped in hard putty to carry magical energies to breathe life into the 'Mouse') and what looks like a very small donut stuck between the buttons. Now what you want to do is move the 'Mouse' on top of the mat to the letter 'E' with a ring around it on the computer monitor, also called a computer screen. Below that image are the words 'Imternet Explorer'. To do that, you must drag...

| ...the 'Mouse' on top of the mat, at which point you'll see a white arrow move on the computer monitor. That is called a 'Cursor', and is a visual representation of where the 'Mouse' is pointing at on the computer monitor. Remember to not push down on the 'Mouse' when dragging it. Just let it slide and the 'Cursor' will move along with it. Once you've gotten used to using the controls and hovered the 'Cursor' over the letter 'E', you must tap the big left button on the top-end...

| ...of the 'Mouse' to engage the 'Internet Explorer' program. You must make sure that when you tap it a clicking sound is heard and a feeling that the button just locked something in the span of less of a second in order to initiate the program. And again, don't force yourself. A gentle tap with the index finger is enough to register the 'click' you just made. Back to the original topic, you will see something cover the entire computer screen, replacing the beautiful, rolling,...

| ...green hills. Congratulations, you've opened a 'Browser'! You can use that to access all kinds of clearnet sites. It seemed like there's a lot of places to 'click and discover the many varied uses of it, but for now let's stick to the lesson. First, you have to drag the mouse and move the cursor to where the thin flashing line is near ths top of the computer screen then 'click' it once. Once you'e done that, it's time to put the typewriter you see beside your 'Mouse' to good use.

| This is the most important part. Press the letter 'g', located five buttons to the left of the third row once. Press the letter 'o' at five buttons from the right twice on the second row. Press the letter 'g' again. Press the letter 'l' which is three/four buttons from the right from the third row, then the letter 'e' which is four times from the left from the second row. next, you press the '.' (period) button situated three buttons frpm the right on the fourth row.

| Next, you press the letter 'c' which is four buttons to the left of the fourth row, press the letter 'o' button again, then press the 'm' button which is five 'keys' (another word for button besides that thing used for unlocking doors). The most exhilerating part of the experience is getting to press the the super big button labeled 'Enter' one, and only once. You will see the word 'Google' in the colors of red, yellow and red like that of a traffic signal light, and a small box...

| *red, yellow and green
...possibly with another thin flashy thing in it. There, you have to 'click' it, then using similar techniques I taught you eaelier with the buttons on the miniature typewriter, create any word you want, press the big 'Enter button once again (please don't press on them so hard!), then watch as everything you ever wanted to know about said topic you 'entered' is laid before your eyes. If you search cat videos, the result will be cat videos.

| >>684363
not her, but instructions too complex. Got stuck at the first boss.

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